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At Orchard, we are very fussy. Our clients expect us to submit exceptional candidates to them. Similarly the job seekers we work with rely on Orchard to recommend only decent, solid organisations to them. The kind of businesses that we suggest to our friends and family. We have a duty of care to both parties.

Currently there is a real lack of exceptional candidates available; irrespective of sector, age or discipline.

Our in house research has thrown up a number


107 is the number of people that either proactively source or apply to us direct for every vacancy that we have filled in Q1 2016

In 2015 that number was 93 and in 2014 the corresponding number was 78.

For those of you who have been placed by Orchard you are 1 in 107 (or 0.93%)

That makes YOU pretty special. After 3 months with your new employer we will welcome you to the 107 club…


Those lovely people at Orchard

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Starting back in 1988 we’ve been based in Enfield Town for over 29 years. Recruiting for many different types of organisations including start-ups, established manufacturers and distributors, service businesses, sole traders, charities, large PLCs and FTSE listed companies

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