How Do YOU the employer get the best out of those between late 20’s to mid-30’s?

Yep, I need to get out more. I read that a recent Gallup Survey discovered what the so called Millennials really really want (sorry I loved the Spice Girls too)
It’s NOT money (hurrah!)
It’s all about engagement…um, what?
They desire involvement, more so than any other age group.
55% are just turning up at work and just going with the flow, on auto pilot
They want to work with purpose-driven organisations
They want to feel that they can benefit from training and personal development so that they can move forward within the company
Millennials say that life is so fast paced with information ‘overload’ and that don’t get the chance to step back and reflect on what really matters to them and to consider what their own success would look like
When moving jobs they could training & development as the NUMBER ONE most important thing
In fact 93% quote a LACK of such opportunities as the main reason they move jobs.
So….when recruiting or interviewing a Millennial it is VITAL  that you consider these aspects and create a role that will satisfy their thirst for development and opportunity.
It’s worth having an honest conversation with them about their ideal role
Years ago I read ‘Winning’ the talent Wars by Bruce Tulgan. Worth buying
With thanks to Gallup
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