With a combined heritage of over 50 years in recruitment, Graham Martin is keen to discuss career opportunities at Orchard for experienced recruiters only.

We are happy to consider applications from people who are looking for less than the normal 9 to 5..

We offer a very competitive salary and commission structure with a ‘light’ management style.

Our commission structure is simple to understand and we make it easy to get an increase in your basic. Each time you bill £25,000 in a rolling three month period, your basic goes up by £1,000 and every time you achieve £30,000 billing in a rolling 6 month period you’ll get a £1,000 bonus.

Oh, and we leave at 5 sharp on Fridays…no point hanging around!

Recruitment for ‘grown-ups’ if you will!

Currently, we are interested in proven recruiters with experience in:-

  • Local generalist commercial perms & temp
  • Accountancy & finance
  • Other related fields

Call Graham Martin

020 8366 9014 or Mobile 07373 175882

Email GM@orchardjobs.com