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We recognise that you have a choice, so we want to make it easier to decide whether we are the right recruiters for you. We only work with exceptional candidates! Irrespective of your age, place of birth, qualifications, experience or references; our clients ask our help to find outstanding characters with a strong work ethic and something a little bit ‘different’; call it the X Factor if you will. Are you something ‘special’? Tell us why…apply here

Those who do engage with us will usually be interviewed by telephone, have their skills assessed on line, have a psychometric profile carried out and finally interviewed face to face either at Enfield or near you at a Costa or similar.

After that, you are in great company. For those who are submitted for interview, 33% will be offered a permanent position with one of our respected clients. We have duty of care to those people that we represent. Consequently, we only recommend companies and organisations that we believe in, opportunities that we’d tell our close friends and family about.

Orchard Recruitment
30 London Road,
Midx, EN2 6DT
Tel 020 8366 9014

Company reg number: 3684718

About Us

Starting back in 1988 we’ve been based in Enfield Town for over 29 years. Recruiting for many different types of organisations including start-ups, established manufacturers and distributors, service businesses, sole traders, charities, large PLCs and FTSE listed companies

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