Our Fees

Most agencies adapt a ‘one size fits all’ approach!

We don’t…

At Orchard, we believe that no two recruitment campaigns are the same and our services reflect this fact. Our clients deserve a broader choice of fees specific to their needs. So rather than a straight percentage we offer several choices to be discussed individually:-

  • The Fee Selector. This is what we use to enable the hiring client to select fees providing a two year free replacement guarantee and 100% rebates during the first three months to a straight finder’s fee only.
  • Fixed fees. On occasion we will offer a fixed fee with a free replacement guarantee and rebates available during the first three months.
  • Retained Search. For search assignments of a specific nature we offer a partial retained solution. Simply put, by paying 1/3rd of a specific amount or an agreed %, the client is assured of our specialist focus. If we are unable to source and submit three suitable candidates within six weeks, the retainer is refunded.

Unlike many other recruiters, we only work on assignments that we genuinely think we can successfully complete to our clients’ satisfaction. We will and do refuse to work with clients whose positions we do not believe we can fill. We don’t want to waste anyone’s time, your or ours. That’s one of the reasons that we fill 80% of all vacancies we work on.

We believe in fair play and integrity; we walk away from organisations that we believe lack such crucial beliefs. We hope you feel the same way.

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Starting back in 1988 we’ve been based in Enfield Town for over 29 years. Recruiting for many different types of organisations including start-ups, established manufacturers and distributors, service businesses, sole traders, charities, large PLCs and FTSE listed companies

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