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I’m Graham Martin. Since 1988 I’ve managed Orchard Recruitment, personally recruiting more than 1,800 staff for many clients across a wide range of sectors, and a diverse range of positions. Alongside me, my team have also placed thousands of members of staff.

Having had the privilege of growing with many of my clients; I have developed a deep knowledge of what makes businesses ‘tick’. Additionally, I have honed a level of understanding of candidates that few other recruiters have been able to achieve.

Over the decades I have sat in front of nearly 500 business owners and Directors, working with them on over 2,500 vacancies. During this time, I have developed a comprehensive process, that I refer to as “forensic recruiting”. My proven system includes the psychometric profiling of both the vacancy as well as individual candidates. I invest my time into in-depth conversations with Directors, hiring managers and targeted candidates; significantly reducing the potential for wasted time. Fussy? Very…

My processes are rigorous and also include talking to candidates’ previous employers ‘off the record’. These conversations tell me much more than a standard reference will, such as simply confirming dates and titles.

My candidate searches are comprehensive: my focus is to identify truly exceptional people. I only submit potential candidates to employers whom I’d actually hire myself if I was in my clients’ shoes.

The results are startling, with my clients hiring 60% of all candidates that I introduce to them for interview. I offer exceptional guarantees that back up my candidate recommendations.

Current Market

The employment market is currently incredibly frustrating; the results of Brexit and Covid have created a dramatic shortage of available talent. Basic salaries are on the up and some job hunters are receiving multiple offers. Gazumping is not uncommon.

So, for me, identifying each candidates’ true motivations is vital. Are they really looking to make a move; or simply collating job offers to improve their current standing?

My Fees & Guarantees

I work on an exclusive, sole agency basis, only.

Unusually, my fees are split into 4 payments, to be paid over six months, with robust guarantees to match.

Despite my research, I have not found anyone in the UK who has the experience and knowledge to offer such a payment or guarantee structure.

To enable me to offer this to you, I only work with organisations that (I feel) have strong values and are committed to their staff development. After all, I have a duty of care to candidates and their families to only advocate opportunities that I’d happily recommend to my own friends.

Sadly, many other search and recruitment firms chase ‘deals’ irrespective of their understanding of their clients’ and candidates’ priorities.

They might submit candidates who are simply not a good enough match – just to fill the vacancy and move onto the next placement. This conveyor belt approach might serve them – but not you, the client – nor indeed the candidate.

I, however prefer a more detail focussed, individual method, that I know fulfils everyone’s requirements and ultimately produces better results.

Why not engage several recruiters?

By using more than one agency, employers often end up ‘shooting themselves in the foot’. Competing recruiters have little option than to rush; they are not given the opportunity to invest the necessary time to source and qualify the ideal candidate – they are under pressure to ‘beat’ their competitors.

This means that clients rarely get the very best candidates; they get those that the recruiters can find the fastest! In reality, these recruiters spend the majority of their time devoting themselves to the clients who have shown confidence in them to engage them on a sole agency basis. They commit their time and resources to find the very best candidate/s fit they can. Sole agency is often cheaper too as the recruiter is almost guaranteed to make the placement.

What I offer

I source ‘challenging to find’ candidates including-

  • Finance Directors/FDs/CFOs/Finance Business Partners
  • CEOs/MDs/COOs/Chairpersons
  • Project Managers/Change Managers
  • Operations and Commercial Directors
  • HR professionals
  • IT specialists
  • Marketeers
  • And those with an MBA

If you have an immediate requirement and you want me to source the best candidates for your business or would like to know more about Forensic Recruiting – please do get in touch.

Alternatively if you are contemplating a move yourself, please contact me in absolute confidence.

Graham Martin

Orchard Recruitment

07973 175882 / 020 8366 9014





For more than 32 years Orchard Jobs Recruitment have been working with exceptional candidates and outstanding companies. Our ambition is simple: to recommend people that we’d employ ourselves to organisations we’d recommend our close friends or family to.

Orchard Jobs Recruitment has placed over 4000 people in permanent work and tens of thousands in temporary work. Additionally, we have gone out of our way to recruit exceptional recruiters and researchers to work with us at our offices in the heart of Enfield Town.

At Orchard Jobs Recruitment we only have a limited number of hours each day so we choose very carefully which candidates to represent and which clients to work with. Fussy? Very…

We practice FORENSIC RECRUITING whereby we carry out in depth interviews (currently via Zoom) carry out psychometric profiling, assess potential employees’ IT and general skills such as numeracy and literacy and talk to their previous employers when ever possible.

Our exhaustive process means that Orchard’s clients enjoy a 3:1 interview:hire ratio. The national average is 10:1. Recruiting via Orchard saves you time and money.

We cover the following disciplines in North London and Hertfordshire.

We recruit for the following

  • Business Support
  • Marketing
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Property management (not resi-sales)

Orchard’s clients hire 1 in every 3 candidates we submit to them.

We know that clients don’t want to waste their or the candidates’ time. We’d rather send one or two exceptional people for interview than ‘padding’ out the numbers with average candidates.

Email us: hello@orchardjobs.com

orchard jobs recruitment london and birmingham


Our 3:1 Success ratio
Our clients and candidates enjoy a 3:1 interview to hire success ratio. The national average is 10:1. We don’t waste anyone’s time.

In Depth Interviews +
Many recruitment firms simply ‘have a chat’ with applicants before submitting them to their clients. At Orchard, where ever possible, we either meet candidates face to face or we interview via Skype or Face Time. Additionally, we test IT and general office skills whilst carrying out psychometric assessments.

Temp or Perm Options
Not all our clients, or all our candidates want full time permanent work. We welcome applications from both job seekers and employers seeking to discuss the temporary option.

Changing jobs is one of the most significant things you’ll ever do. You spend more time at work than you do at home. We really DO understand this and we are committed to helping YOU make the right decision.

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The more personable service offered definitely shows through in the quality and suitability of candidates offered. By coming to the office and meeting us, it gave a much better picture of the type of person we wanted, hence leaving us with 2 very good candidates.

Very pleased with the speed in which we have found someone, who we are very happy to offer the job to.

Becky Bone, AT Bone & Sons.
This is the second time we have been sent potential staff by Orchard, and it will be the second time we will have hired their first choice of candidate.

Profiling and vetting procedures are excellent.

Keith Barnfield, Barnfields Estate Agents
We have used the support of Orchard on a couple of occasions to successfully hire key Logistics Managers, and both times they have come up trumps!

Providing a friendly and professional service whilst submitting relevant candidates. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Orchard Recruitment to other businesses.

Rob Knee, Macfarlane Packaging
On this particular occasion, we did not have a lot of time to fill the vacancy.

Kelly quickly found us a candidate who we felt (after an interview) would be a good fit in our team.

We feel that we have benefitted greatly by having one point of contact at Orchard, who has taken the time to get to know a bit about us, our key managers and their expectations, and our corporate culture, which helps to ensure that the right type of candidates are referred to us.

Thank you, Kelly!

Maunder Taylor, General Manager
When we need to add to our team, Orchard Recruitment are our only point of contact. We simply do not need to browse our contacts databases for the many recruiters we have met along the way of building and growing a business.

Time is vital to us and at Orchard our recruitment needs are heard carefully and in detail, then only a few handpicked CVs are presented to us for review, within hours.

Skills and experience are very important but personality, work ethics and general attitude are just as important too, and at Orchard I feel the candidates presented to us are not simply matched to our needs on grounds of skills, I feel they are carefully selected to make sure they will fit in with the team too.

I cannot recommend Orchard Recruitment highly enough.

Maria Pitney